We have clear and simple policies which we expect our contributors to adhere to. This is to make SoC Gossip a friendly and informative place, free of discrimination and undesirable content of any kind.

This isn’t designed to be restrictive on authors or make the site any less fun to read, but to ensure that the site doesn’t make life difficult for the very people it is supposed to serve.

The following policies should be adhered to by all authors on, and users who post comments to, SoC Gossip

  • Profanity will not be tolerated. This site is fully open and as such may be viewed by users of all ages. If profanity must be used it should used sparingly, only for the purposes of illustrating a point or quoting someone and be censored with * symbols or similar.
  • Derogatory comments about staff or students in the School of Computing or the university as a whole are not acceptable. Criticism is welcome but it must have basis and must be directed at an individuals actions rather than them as an individual. This is to allow everyone to interact with the site on an equal playing field and to prevent individuals or groups feeling intimidated or undermined.
  • Careful thought should be put into articles and comments; this site is accessible to the world not just the university and as such what is said may give an unnecessary negative picture of students, staff or the department/university. We fully endorse and support free speech but be sure to back up any points you make with fact and put things in context so they are unlikely to be misconstrued or misinterpreted. Negative comments that do not have basis or are not backed up with fact are not acceptable.
  • Be prepared to update articles or comments when facts change. If for example a criticism is made of something, but the cause of the criticism is later rectified, be sure to follow up on it. This is to allow all parties to have confidence in the site and that any criticism present is there out of just cause and not spite.
  • If you are a student in the School of Computing or Leeds University as a whole be sure to respect the codes of conduct that you signed upon joining the department/university. SoC Gossip expects all authors and comment writers to abide by these rules.

We hope these policies and the reasoning behind them are self-explanatory. They are not a replacement or alternative to common sense - please make sure you exercise common sense when writing articles! If you have any questions feel free to contact one of the authors who’s contact e-mail addresses are available in the side bar by clicking their name.