Here follows a few brief answers to questions both authors and readers of SoC gossip might have. If you need more information you should feel free to contact us and ask.

  1. What is this site?
    • A place where School of Computing students and staff make posts about whats going on in the school, relevant information, interesting technical and non technical ramblings and not to mention the odd bit of gossip and hearsay too (so long as it is within our policies on permitted content)


  2. Who maintains this site?
    • The current authors are listed with their full names in the side bar. All authors are administrators and thus maintain the site as well as posting to it


  3. Are you affiliated with the School of Computing?
    • Only in as much as we are students/staff there. The school does not endorse this site and all views expressed here are those of the authors only. When information about goings on within the school are provided here you are advised to check the validity of these facts on the School of Computing newsgroups.


  4. Why do comments on syndicated posts end up on the original blog?
    • Some posts are syndicated to SoC Gossip from it’s authors blogs because they feel the content will be of interest to readers of SoC Gossip. As they initially make the post on their own blogs however, comments are directed back to their blog so a complete picture (post and comments) remains where it was originally posted.


  5. I find something posted offensive or inappropriate!
    • Contact the author of the post and ask them to edit it. We want this site to be fun and friendly and will make any changes that are required to ensure all content abides by our policies. If the post in question is syndicated from the authors own site however content can only be edited or removed on this site, not on their own. This is because SoC Gossip has no control over the personal blogs of its contributors.


  6. A contributing blog is repeatedly posting inappropriate content
    • We take this very seriously. Sometimes blogs get shifted around, so it may be that the intended category for syndication is now located elsewhere. In cases like these we will pull the feed and discuss with the blog author to determine if they still want their blog syndicated and if so, where their appropriate feed is located.


  7. I’m an author, how do I post?
    • Log in and click on the write tab. You can choose the categories you want your post to appear in by using the bar on the right and then once you have finished making your entry you click publish. If you want to publish later or have more to add, click save and you can open your post when you next login to resume work on it


  8. How do I change my e-mail/website/blurb?
    • As an author you can do all of this by logging in and selecting the profile tab.


  9. As an author how do I syndicate relevant entries to SoC Gossip from my blog?
    • You will need to provide Kieran O’Shea with your RSS feed URL. This is the RSS blog feed that will be syndicated onto SoC Gossip under your name. Please make sure that if you make an entry here it is not your entrie blog but just a section of it that is specifically relevant to SoC Gossip. We recommend creating a special Computing or SoC Gossip category on your own blog which you then use to syndicate here. Remember you don’t have to syndicate here if you are an author, you can just login and post, in fact unless you are sure you have setup your blog to not swamp SoC Gossip with non-relevant or inappropriate posts we recommend you don’t syndicate content. Please note that if you syndicate content from your blog as an author, posts you make in the syndicated category must abide by our content policies.


  10. How do I upload a mugshot?
    • All authors can have a mugshot which is shown in their mini-profile when their name is clicked on in the sidebar. Using the users tab once you login, select the avatar tab. You can upload an image from your machine that will be shown in your profile as a mugshot.


  11. Ive been granted author access but I’m not showing as an author in the sidebar!
    • You will show here once you have made your first post to the site. Posts you make are listed on the left when you click your name on the right so not having made any posts makes putting your name up a little pointless.


  12. I’m a Leeds School of Computing student, how can I become an author?
    • All we require is that you play an active role in the school. By active role we mean things like; being involved with CompSoc, engaging fully with staff and other students by answering and asking questions, are on the staff student committee, help out in labs etc. If you feel this is you, or even if you don’t and still think you’d like a shot at being an author, please contact Kieran O’Shea


  13. Hey thats really restrictive!
    • We understand this can seem a little draconian, but we want this site to be relevant to students and staff, kept orderly and the content to be acceptable and fair to all concerned. The easiest way to do this is if all contributors are well known within the school and make contributions in other ways already such that contributions here will be equally welcome and useful. If you are known around the school then your posts with your name on will have more meaning. If you are not eligible but feel you want to be, perhaps now might be an ideal time to play more of a part in school life. Remember all contributors to this site have administrative powers over it and thus are given a large amount of responsibility.


  14. Can staff members become authors too?
    • Yes, we would welcome staff input to the blog. At the time of writing, we have no staff contributors, which is a shame.


  15. I know a relevant site, can it be syndicated here?
    • While most of our content is syndicated, it is either syndicated from the blogs of authors on the site, or the author of a third party site has asked that we syndicate their content and we have agreed. The two main criteria for getting content syndicated here are; the blog author must make a request of us to carry their content or a subset of their content and their content must be relevant to students and staff at Leeds School of Computing. Blogs which are particularly suitable are technical publications, personal blogs of students and staff who post about the school and other similar sites. If you want your site to be syndicated, please get in touch with Kieran O’Shea. If you know a site you would like to see syndicated here, please get the author of that site to get in touch with Kieran O’Shea.


  16. I’m blogging my final year project, will you carry my feed?
    • We love you! Contact Kieran O’Shea and we’ll get your feed added as soon as possible.


  17. I’m a researcher at Leeds SoC and I’m blogging about my work. Are you interested?
    • See above


  18. I’ve made a post on a blog that is syndicated here but my post isn’t showing up
    • We don’t believe in over-loading servers that we syndicate content from. As such we only check for new content on blogs every 2 hours. This means that it can take up to 2 hours for your post to be shown on SoC Gossip. It is also worth remembering that usually only a certain category on a blog is syndicated to SoC Gossip, so it is worth making sure you are posting in the right category on your own blog if you want the content to appear here.


  19. I no longer want my site/blog/feed syndicated
    • When we syndicate a site we always ensure we are doing so with the full consent of its author. If you are such an author and no longer wish us to syndicate or you have just handed over the reins of your site/blog/feed to someone new and so we no longer have permission to syndicate, please contact Kieran O’Shea who will ensure we swiftly stop syndicating your content. Please indicate if you wish existing content that has been syndicated to remain on SoC Gossip or be deleted. We can do either.


  20. I have more questions!