Well well, there was me thinking that my first set of exams that count towards the degree just couldn’t have gone better. My utmost effort went into 4 out of 5 modules (excluding People in Organisations unfortunately) that I actually enjoyed and found very interesting. I was rather surprised on results day to find that I was left sitting in a low end 2.1 having scored 59 and 57 in AI22 and DB21 respectively. I think it was natural for me to react with disappointment and to be very downhearted on the day, but after sleep I could see nothing but a valuable lesson coming out of my experience.

In a way this is very frustrating because I do not think the grades represent my ability or work ethic, yet now I realise just too much time was spent on coursework and not enough on time is spent reading around the module throughout the semester. In some cases this probably wouldn’t help and this is where most of my frustration comes from not having learnt that some exams require a thorough understanding of the module where as some are based on a generic set of past papers.

I could keep writing for a long time to express my argument about what I think of closed book exams and why I think I scored how I did. It would probably turn into a frustrated rant.

So no time to waste - I’ve changed my view on how I approach my study and manage my time. I wish we were given more than just 3 days (which was spent drunk, admittedly) to take the semester into consideration. Semester 2 certainly was slow to get started and that wonderful coursework rush is coming round again.

At least I am happy with the modules I have picked again this semester.

I’m more than ready to effect change and bump up that average.

If it’s not one it’s the other at the moment- so much for the ‘holiday season’.

After the most difficult semester so far it continues to get more difficult as exams that actually count are now looming. It will interest me to see some peoples performance in the exams as I don’t think the coursework is a true representation of anyones ability. So much collaboration occurred on so much of the coursework. It also surprised me to have students in the same year that a week before the se20 programming coursework deadline still don’t understand the concept of the constructor- yet they had to understand Swing and database programming by the end of the week. The best thing is that this person will probably score a first- once again due to collaboration.

Good luck and happy revision. I’m sure those of us that do work will create their own luck anyway.


I must admit, I walked away somewhat relieved in mid June knowing I had comfortably passed the first year. I was in a financial mess - acceptable as a student, especially as I am able to say I just had the best year of my life. I don’t think I would be happier anywhere other than the SOC.

Walking through the long room today I came across a different atmosphere - emptiness. It makes me want to get started at level 2 already. I never thought I’d catch myself saying I’m ready to begin studying again. Another reason for my impatience is through helping friends with resits, as Kieran says, you soon realise how much you ‘forget’ but I also realise how much more I want to learn. I must comment on how some students are strikingly idle in work ethic, which is a shame, especially at this level.
Resits almost over. Freshers arrive soon.

I say bring on a whole new year. I certainly hope my fellow students feel the same.

I was amazed when I realised just how many of my fellow students in the school were taking resits this year. Its one of those facts of student life that sometimes you slip the odd module and need to resit, but there does seem to have been a large number of retakes floating around this year compared with what I have noticed in the past.

I’ve been spending several of my lunch breaks from work helping people revise various topics and I’m pleased to say that of all those I’ve helped out I can see them doing well in the second attempt at the exam. I was also reminded of just how quickly you can forget things when you’re not using them - I’ve had to look things up in my notes an embarissingly large number of times!

Best of luck to all students who have been taking resits, I’m sure you’re hard work will pay off.

For those of you who didn’t come into the old bar last night (or were only there briefly and didn’t come talk to us) we had quite an entertaining evening :)

The ales were not at all bad and really rather drinkable, as was the cider - although some of it was interesting colours…

We were there from about 8 til closing, and it was an eventful evening…

(edited by B) : nothing happened.

(re-edited by Chris) : So what happened to your head then?.

B: “Nothing Happened, I didn’t try and dive into my house really”

After 3 months or so of downtime, the site is back up. It was decided to introduce a set of policies for use of SoC Gossip that should resolve any potential difficulties, the clarification of which caused the site to be closed last time.

Please return to posting your articles and comments, there is so much to say after the break! Apologies for the downtime and I hope this site will now have normal service for the foreseeable future :)

Yesterday I attended a meeting, or should we say free for all, in the Long Room to brainstorm about what we could do to it in order to improve it for us and future students. While a a lot of it ended up just being about the free food and amusing post-it notes, a few really good ideas did come out of the discussion and I’d like to share them with you all here

  • More PCs (arguments about Linux and Windows abound)
  • Wired network ports for laptops
  • More power sockets
  • Coffee Machine
  • Methods of 24 hour or extended hours access
  • Tables that can fit more chairs around
  • Whiteboards for brainstorming and group work
  • Sofas
  • Projector and screen at one end
  • New carpet
  • Better colour scheme for both the CSO and main room

It is worth noting that the discussion is not over by any means and suggestions will continue to be welcome. Contact your year representative on the staff student committee to have your (sensible) ideas passed on

Ok, as Kieran posted earlier, we had something of a large amount of coursework earlier in the term… It’s back again, with SE20 (which actually is programming so barely counts), the mysticality that is AI22 and SY21 all to be handed in in the next 8 days it’s piling up…

People do seem to be getting it done, which is always nice, but there’s so many distractions this time of term: George has got us all on a p*ss-up for his birthday this afternoon (Otley Running it from 3pm at Woodies if you want to turn up), then various other events in the social calendar that may have to be avoided to make sure work gets done…

Anyway, just work, work, work, with the odd little bit of play in-between :)

I’m sure posts will be forthcoming this evening on the subject of the Otley Run, particularly as the consensus seems to be that George will be made to drink unique drinks the whole way, and he may be made to double up in some places :)

So: for now, I’ll shut up, and anticipate the pleasantly alcoholised state I’m sure to be in later :)

CompSoc can indeed organise a piss up in a brewery with Wednesday seeing a small number of determined school of computing students and staff heading off for a tour followed by copious quantities of ale. Sadly I was unable to attend but Tony said it was great, as he is the member of staff I would label as being most into real ale I think thats a very good sign.

Hopefully next time such an event is organised more of us can go along :)

A while back I created a School of Computing group on facebook. If you read this blog but haven’t yet joined the facebook group then please do, it would be great to get more School of Computing students together! Any contributors to this blog who want officership of the facebook group are welcome to ask for it :)

Speaking of contributors to this blog, we want a few more. Ideally we’d like a post per day on average to SoC Gossip and with current work levels thats not always possible for our current contributors. If you play an active roll in the school of computing and would like to be an content author here then please get in contact with me - click my name in the authors box.

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