I have just been using the Web of Science database which can be found through the University’s library page, www.leeds.ac.uk/library, and thus far it’s turned up several papers relating to Mobile IPv6 and specifically simulation and performance. The next stage is to go through the papers and ascertain what useful nuggets of information I can find.

Karim, my supervisor, mentioned to me that I need to also find information regarding other simulators so as to justify the decision to use the ns-2 network simulator. This might prove to be more difficult as I can’t think where I would find the kind of information that would allow such comparisons. I guess a good starting point would be to do a search with Google for ‘network simulators’ and then visit the websites of the differing programs.

I may need to find better sources of information for my report however…


Good afternoon! It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon in November and probably a little warmer than I would expect it to be!

Some of my friends are also doing final year projects and it had been suggested to them that they blog their experiences to keep a record of what goes on. With this in mind, I decided to do the same. It will hopefully prove useful not only when writing the personal reflections section of the report, but also give me an idea of what I was thinking about at a certain time. In other words, my memory is good, but not that good!

If you decide to follow my progress and wish to comment, please do so and hopefully it’ll help me in some way. I’ll also try and link to some blogs operated by others so you can see what they might be up to.

In the meantime, I hope you’re all having a good weekend thus far!


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