This idea for this site was originally thought of over a pint in the Eldon because a number of people who were friends with each other in Leeds School of Computing wanted to be able to post up bits and pieces of gossip about people they knew.

In the end, rather than creating an online hive of hearsay and conjecture it was decided to make a more general site to centralise a number of people’s views on events in the school of computing, comments on technical happenings and news that would be relevant to computing students. It was also conceded that the odd piece of originally planned gossip may well find its way onto the site too. SoC Gossip was formed.

The site has a strong focus on the School of Computing and should mean that all students and staff in the school will find it an interesting read. The odd personal remark or shred of gossip that may find its way onto the blog may well be lost on some people so please forgive us when this happens.

Author status on SoC Gossip used to be quite restricted but in an effort to get more contributions and improve the quality for readers, we have recently opened the site up to more potential authors - see our FAQ.

We are also keen to publicise the work being done by final year students on their projects, so if you are blogging your final year project, why not get your feed added to our FYP blog?

If you don’t want to keep coming back to the site to read our content you can use our RSS feed to keep up to date and you can subscribe to discussions on entries by using the RSS feed that is attached to each comments form.