Well well, there was me thinking that my first set of exams that count towards the degree just couldn’t have gone better. My utmost effort went into 4 out of 5 modules (excluding People in Organisations unfortunately) that I actually enjoyed and found very interesting. I was rather surprised on results day to find that I was left sitting in a low end 2.1 having scored 59 and 57 in AI22 and DB21 respectively. I think it was natural for me to react with disappointment and to be very downhearted on the day, but after sleep I could see nothing but a valuable lesson coming out of my experience.

In a way this is very frustrating because I do not think the grades represent my ability or work ethic, yet now I realise just too much time was spent on coursework and not enough on time is spent reading around the module throughout the semester. In some cases this probably wouldn’t help and this is where most of my frustration comes from not having learnt that some exams require a thorough understanding of the module where as some are based on a generic set of past papers.

I could keep writing for a long time to express my argument about what I think of closed book exams and why I think I scored how I did. It would probably turn into a frustrated rant.

So no time to waste - I’ve changed my view on how I approach my study and manage my time. I wish we were given more than just 3 days (which was spent drunk, admittedly) to take the semester into consideration. Semester 2 certainly was slow to get started and that wonderful coursework rush is coming round again.

At least I am happy with the modules I have picked again this semester.

I’m more than ready to effect change and bump up that average.