I must admit, I walked away somewhat relieved in mid June knowing I had comfortably passed the first year. I was in a financial mess - acceptable as a student, especially as I am able to say I just had the best year of my life. I don’t think I would be happier anywhere other than the SOC.

Walking through the long room today I came across a different atmosphere - emptiness. It makes me want to get started at level 2 already. I never thought I’d catch myself saying I’m ready to begin studying again. Another reason for my impatience is through helping friends with resits, as Kieran says, you soon realise how much you ‘forget’ but I also realise how much more I want to learn. I must comment on how some students are strikingly idle in work ethic, which is a shame, especially at this level.
Resits almost over. Freshers arrive soon.

I say bring on a whole new year. I certainly hope my fellow students feel the same.