There will be a CompSoc EGM on Thursday 6th September. This is to properly elect the new committee due to the lack of attendence at the AGM at the beginning of the summer vacation. The time of the meeting has yet to be published but will be announced soon.

Please try your best to keep this date free or free it up if you are already doing something and encourage all your friends to come along and vote. Ideas and contributions are always welcome at these kinds of meetings.

I must admit, I walked away somewhat relieved in mid June knowing I had comfortably passed the first year. I was in a financial mess - acceptable as a student, especially as I am able to say I just had the best year of my life. I don’t think I would be happier anywhere other than the SOC.

Walking through the long room today I came across a different atmosphere - emptiness. It makes me want to get started at level 2 already. I never thought I’d catch myself saying I’m ready to begin studying again. Another reason for my impatience is through helping friends with resits, as Kieran says, you soon realise how much you ‘forget’ but I also realise how much more I want to learn. I must comment on how some students are strikingly idle in work ethic, which is a shame, especially at this level.
Resits almost over. Freshers arrive soon.

I say bring on a whole new year. I certainly hope my fellow students feel the same.

I was amazed when I realised just how many of my fellow students in the school were taking resits this year. Its one of those facts of student life that sometimes you slip the odd module and need to resit, but there does seem to have been a large number of retakes floating around this year compared with what I have noticed in the past.

I’ve been spending several of my lunch breaks from work helping people revise various topics and I’m pleased to say that of all those I’ve helped out I can see them doing well in the second attempt at the exam. I was also reminded of just how quickly you can forget things when you’re not using them - I’ve had to look things up in my notes an embarissingly large number of times!

Best of luck to all students who have been taking resits, I’m sure you’re hard work will pay off.

It should please many to note that CompSoc isn’t dead and that a plan for its triumphant return with a new committee and exciting events and socials is well under way. A preliminary meeting was held on Monday and it seems likely that in the next couple of weeks we will have everything sorted.

A new website is soon to be uploaded with all the information, so keep your eyes on the SoC intranet. If anyone has any suggestions for CompSoc events then please list them in the comments of this blog.