For the sake of the sanity of the rest of those who study or work in the School of Computing please stop trolling on the newsgroups. Its annoying, wastes time and doesn’t help anyone, least of all yourself. That is all.

The first iteration of our group software development project is over which means we had to submit a project plan for the rest of it. Things look very promising; the timing works out almost perfectly as we have two weeks leway at the end in case there are any overruns and we need to adjust things and we have allocated slightly over the amount of time we think things will take to each task and we are still under the overall number of man hours we are supposed to take for the project.

I guess it could be said that this all looks far too neat and that there are bound to be complications when we start coding in earnest, but I guess we will just have to wait and see on that one. What is a shame is how much other coursework we have on top of the project, but thats life I guess - full steam ahead!

You would have thought that hard core dance music would be confined to a nightclub, or perhaps your own front room at a push if you were throwing your own party and the guests were that way inclined. You would be wrong however as in the DEC-10 computer lab the other night while I was trying to concentrate on coursework someone over on the windows machines (a coincidence perhaps?) decided it would be a great idea to play a dance music radio station as loud as the tinny little internal speaker of the machine he was seated at would go.

This is both inconsiderate and darn right annoying to boot. If you want to listen to music in the computer labs there are headphone sockets on the front of all the machines, its not like a small, portable set of headphones isn’t cheap either. Seriously, do people have no thoughts for those who prefer silence or the sound of their own music in their headphones to work to? *sigh*