Yesterday I attended a meeting, or should we say free for all, in the Long Room to brainstorm about what we could do to it in order to improve it for us and future students. While a a lot of it ended up just being about the free food and amusing post-it notes, a few really good ideas did come out of the discussion and I’d like to share them with you all here

  • More PCs (arguments about Linux and Windows abound)
  • Wired network ports for laptops
  • More power sockets
  • Coffee Machine
  • Methods of 24 hour or extended hours access
  • Tables that can fit more chairs around
  • Whiteboards for brainstorming and group work
  • Sofas
  • Projector and screen at one end
  • New carpet
  • Better colour scheme for both the CSO and main room

It is worth noting that the discussion is not over by any means and suggestions will continue to be welcome. Contact your year representative on the staff student committee to have your (sensible) ideas passed on