I thought it was worth mentioning on SoC Gossip that is has now been confirmed that LUU have an anti-blogging policy for employees of the union that prevents them from talking about their job, the union, people they work with or anything in between.

Id like to make a personal and general point that this seems to be a smack in the face for the principles of free speech that every university students union is normally is so proud to support. I urge all bloggers in the school of computing and beyond that you should not allow yourselves to be intimidated by LUU policies. If you want to blog you should feel free to do so. If you are threatened by LUU about your blog we at SoC gossip want to hear about it. If necessary we will put you in touch with the free legal advice you need to find out where you stand.

We support free speech wholeheartedly and are dismayed at the unions policies on this. Please voice your views on this issue in the comments section.